Here is a bit of history about Honda and of course some postie bike history.






4 speed

Auto clutch

Serial # began


The exhaust was up-swept. The exhaust guard had horizontal cutouts.

Solo seat with chrome trim. Side covers were white. Fuel tank sticker reads 'HONDA 90'

The chrome luggage rack behind the seat. There was also a smaller rack underneath the chrome rack.

Dual rear sprockets. The chain needed to be shortened or lengthened, depending on which sprocket was to be used.

Suspension - bottom link type on the front and two stage oil damper on the back.

Brakes - trailing leading type no fade brakes on the front and back. The rear brake could also be operated with a left hand lever.

The air intake was positioned on the downtube, the air flowed through a rectangular hole to the carbi.

As far as I have seen the early CTs didn't have indicators, just a headlight and tail light.

There is a cover that wraps around the downtube. I don't know what is was made of, maybe a canvas type of material??

Scarlet Red

& Yellow


CT-90 K0



4 speed & 8 speed dual range

Serial # began


The early 4-speed model had a dual overlay rear sprocket setup. The later models (from frame # 122551) had a single sprocket with an 8-speed dual range transmission.

The engine was improved to a 89cc OHC single cylinder with an automatic clutch.

1968 had a larger tail light than previous models.

These early models also had different sized wheels. The rear is 2.75x17 and the front is 2.5x17. Apparently a 2.75x17 could be fitted to the front, but it touched the inside of the guard.

Scarlet Red

& Yellow


CT-90 K1 & K1b



8 speed dual range

Serial # began


At the start of 1969, the CTs were similar or the same as the 1968 models. Sometime during 1969, a new version was released (K1b as one website calls it). This newer version had plastic trim, new style fuel tank, and telescopic front forks.

There is a picture of a K1b on a website somewhere that shows an air intake that is different from future models, it looks different and stops before the rear rack. I'm not too sure if this model came with this air intake or if it is from a CT-70 or another bike??

The plastic trim was grey on these early models.

No sticker on the fuel tank, but there is a sticker on the downtube cover that says 'HONDA'


Scarlet Red

& Yellow


Scarlet Red

& Yellow


Scarlet Red

& Yellow